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Mechanical Seal Manufacturers in India

Best Mechanical Seals Suppliers in India

Mechanical seals are devices that are used to provide a seal at the point of entry or exit of a rotating shaft. Typically it is used to prevent the leakage of one high-pressure fluid into a lower-pressure fluid. There are many different mechanical seals available in today’s market, but who are the best mechanical seal manufacturers in India? Mechanical seal manufacturers bring different varieties of styles and sizes to meet the requirements of different applications.

If you are looking for the Best manufacturers of mechanical seals in India, then the following list is best for you!

List of the Best Mechanical Seals Manufacturers in India

1. Beston Seals

Beston Seals is one of the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mechanical seals, sealing components & seal support systems in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India for a decade for pumps, mixers, reactors, agitators, blenders, blowers, pharmaceutical machinery and all type of rotating equipment as per buyer’s requirements, drawings or samples. It also supplies seal support systems like thermosyphon systems, heat exchangers, cyclon separators & bearing isolator also manufacture and export a complete range of Rotary unions & Rotary Joints in various environments like water, hot water air, hydraulic, vacuum, coolant & hot oil and thermic fluid.

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2. Leak-Pack

Leak-Pack is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a complete range of mechanical seals and sealing components with innovative technology for pumps, agitators, mixers, vacuum pumps, blenders, reactors, blowers, pharmaceutical machinery and rotating equipment in Gujarat, India. It is specialize in providing solutions to all types of leakages by manufacturing mechanical seals and sealing components as per customer’s drawings, samples or requirements. We also specialize in the refurbishment of all types of mechanical seals.

3. EagleBurgmann India

EagleBurgmann India is the market leader in the mechanical seal industry in India, with over 40 years of rich experience. It offers engineered, rugged and reliable sealing solutions in virtually all segments of the process industry. With its headquarters and main manufacturing location situated in Pune, it also has two other manufacturing locations in Mumbai and Vapi. EagleBurgmann India has designed and manufactured mechanical seals and sealing systems for a wide array of equipment that include pumps, compressors, mixers, kneaders, agitators, turbines, etc.

4. HI-FAB Mechanical Seals

HI-FAB Mechanical Seals was established by a team of young technocrats having many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and troubleshooting Mechanical Seals. It has modern manufacturing facilities which employ specialized production procedures and techniques also equipped with advanced CNC machines and high-precision quality control and measuring instruments. It has earned a reputation for offering some of the most progressive, innovative and proven fluid sealing solutions to the processing industry. HI-FAB seals are designed as per the latest international standards like EN12756 and API 682 and comply with international norms and regulations on Emission Control.

5. Sealmatic

Sealmatic designs and manufactures mechanical seals and associated products mainly for oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and many more industrial applications. Each and every Sealmatic seal is the result of numerous steps involving extensive engineering and thus processing the same in various production steps. With a wide range of products and services, Sealmatic has solutions for every sealing requirement – such as Pusher Seals, Standard Cartridge Seals, Elastomer Bellows Seals, Metal Bellows Seals, Split Seals, Gas-Lubricated Seals and many more.

Beston Seals is ISO certified company specializing in providing solutions to all types of leakages by manufacturing mechanical seals and sealing components as per customers’ drawings, samples, or requirements. We are one of the best rotary union and mechanical seal manufacturers in India based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. To know more about mechanical seals call on +91-9820007401 or email

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