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Cyclone Separator for Mechanical Seals Manufacturer in India

At Beston Seals, We are a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Cyclone separators for Mechanical Seals in Mumbai, India. Cyclone separators effectively remove sand and other heavy abrasive particles from the production fluid to provide a clean fluid for use as a flush fluid to mechanical seals and the separated particles are returned to the product. Using clean fluid as a flush improves the condition of the seal faces.

Baston Seals has developed a unique design of cyclone separators for mechanical seals as per requirement by our skilled engineers. Our cyclone separators are used with Beston Seals, John Crane, Bergman, Flowserve, AES, Chesterton, Flex-A-Seal, Vulcan, Roplan, Roton, Uniten and other brands of mechanical seals.

One of the Best Cyclone Separator Suppliers in Mumbai, India

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of cyclone separators for mechanical seals in Mumbai, India and across high-grade raw materials & secondary sealing. We provide a good quality product at cost effective price to our customers, so you can contact us without hesitation to buy our mechanical seals and seal support systems.

We have a diversified range of Mechanical Seals Products like Conical Spring Seals, Single Spring Seals, Multi Spring Seals, Wave Spring Seals, Rubber Bellow Seals, PTFE Bellow Seals, Cartridge Seals, Metal Bellow Seals, Agitator Seals, Reactor Seals, Dry Running Seals, Split Seals and Special Tailor Maid Seals. We also supply Seal Support Systems like Thermosyphon Systems, Heat Exchangers, Cyclon Separators & Bearing Isolators.


Cyclone separators for mechanical seals


Removes abrasive particles and supply clear liquid into the Seal chamber
High filtration efficiency due to large internal clearance
Maintenance cost savings and increased seal life
Reduces the fluid temperature due to the separation process

Operating Range

Connection size: 12.7mm to 25.4mm (0.5″ to 1″)
Pressure: Max 200 bar (2900 PSI)
Temperature: –10 °C to +400 °C (14 °F  to +752 °F)


Secondary seals: FKM, FFKM, Aflas, NBR
Hardware: SS 304, SS 316 and Duplex


Petrochemical industry
Chemicals industry
Oil and gas industry
Petroleum refineries
Water and waste water technology


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