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Beston Seals is one of the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Mechanical Seals, Sealing Components, Seal Support Systems and Rotary Unions in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer pump mechanical seals, pusher mechanical seals, non-pusher mechanical seals, single and double mechanical seals, balanced and unbalanced mechanical seals, cartridge mechanical seals, agitator & mixer mechanical seals.

Our products are classified as conical spring, single spring, multi spring, wave spring mechanical seals. We provide rubber bellow type mechanical seals, ptfe bellow mechanical seals and metal bellow mechanical seals. Our range of seal support systems includes thermosyphon system, heat exchanger and cyclone separator for the mechanical seals.

We manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Rotary Unions and Rotary Joints for pvc film industries, paper industries, steel plants, power generation, food processing plants, plastic Industries, rubber industries, textile industries, OEMs and many more industries. 

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As one of the top mechanical seal manufacturing companies in India, our teams use quality materials and components across all products.

AG100 & AG100H

B2100 & B2100K & B2100N







BMG1 & BMG12 & BMG13






MM74 & MM74W


S1523 & S1523V

SE099 & SE199


SH76 & SH76W






What Our Clients are Saying

We have been in the pump repair business and Beston Seals is our partner providing diverse types of pump mechanical seals we require at affordable pricing and with minimal lead time.

- Rakesh Shrimali

We suffered from leakages in our Boiler Feed Pump and Beston Seals resolved our Leakage challenges by installing precise mechanical seals.

- Hemant Patel

The mechanical seals provided by Beston Seals are of higher quality and readily accessible. I appreciate their products and services.

- Bretislav Gottvald

Beston Seals trimmed down our maintenance costs and lessened our operational challenges considerably.

- Aiter Yusuf

We thank Beston Seals team as they reduced our downtime and saved us funds with its range of mechanical seal products.

- Naresh Kumawat
Do you have queries about how Beston Seals can assist your company in competing across the industry, then connect with us today itself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mechanical seal used for?

Mechanical seals are devices that are precisely leveraged to provide a seal at the entry or exit point of a rotating shaft. It averts the leakage of high-pressure fluid into a low-pressure fluid. Mechanical seal systems are even used to regulate the seal environment and explicitly lubricate secondary seals.

What is mechanical seal and its types?

Mechanical seals are significant elements in centrifugal pump systems. These devices reserve the veracity of the pump systems by thwarting fluid leaks and keeping impurities out. Diverse types of Mechanical Seals are single and double mechanical seal, balanced and unbalanced seals, pusher seals, non-pusher seals, cartridge seals, dry running mechanical seal for agitators, mixers, reactors & blenders, split mechanical seal for agitators, mixers, reactors & blenders, mechanical seal face, ring, bushes & sleeves, supply systems and bearing isolator.

What are the parts of a mechanical seal?

The parts of a mechanical seal comprise secondary static seals, V-rings, O-rings or wedges, static seal or stationary component, seal for the rotating component to the shaft, spring member, metal bellows, multiple or single spring. Other hardware parts are gland rings, compression rings, collars, and shaft sleeves.

How many types of mechanical seals are there?

It is possible to categorize mechanical seals in multiple types. However, the main types of mechanical seals are based on this key criterion – balanced type mechanical seals and unbalanced mechanical seals.

How are mechanical seals classified?

Mechanical seals are classified by diverse configuration and arrangement. The extensive variation of seal types is due to the range of applications each leveraging diverse machinery, fluids and procedures.

What is a mechanical seal of a pump?

A mechanical seal of a pump contains fluid within a vessel where a rotating shaft passes by a stationary housing or where the housing rotates across the precise shaft.

Which are the three basic types of mechanical seals used in pumps?

The three basic types of mechanical seals comprise balanced seals, unbalanced seals and pusher seals.

What does a mechanical seal do?

A mechanical seal prevents the fluid leveraged by a machine from leaking into the exterior environment.

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