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Hydraulic Rotary Union Manufacturer in India

At Beston Seals, we are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Air, Vacuum and Hydraulic Oil Rotary Union / Rotary Joint by skilled and experienced staff in Mumbai, India. We manufacture these rotary unions / rotary joints in mono flow design as well as dual flow design as per customer demand. Our rotary unions are equivalent to Deublin, DSTI, FESTO, Filton, Pearl, Kadant, Maier, Haag-Zeissler, Airflex, Johnson-Flutten and other brands, so you can easily use them.

Best Quality Rotary Union / Roary Joint for Air & Hydraulic Oil

Our best quality rotary union / rotary joints for hydraulic oil, vacuum as well as air services are designed and manufactured with high quality raw materials, bearings and balanced sealing arrangement for long service life. These Rotary Unions / Rotary Joints are designed and offered with low torque and light weight with threaded and flange end rotor as per customer demand for various applications. We continuously supply rotary unions / rotary joints for hydraulic oil, vacuum and air services with full test procedure temperature up to 280°C and 10 bar pressure.

One of the Top Rotary Union / Rotary Joint Suppliers in Mumbai, India

We are one of the best Hydraulic Oil, Vacuum and Air Rotary Union / Rotary Joints manufacturing companies in Mumbai, India. Our rotary unions are used in various industries and we deliver on time all over India and the world with full assurance of its durability.

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Rotary unions / rotary joints for air and hydraulic oil service


Mono flow design (Dual flow-As per user demand)
Balanced seal arrangement
Radial housing connection
Light weight & low torque design
Threaded and flange end rotor available
Self-supported rotating union

Operating Range

Size: 1/8″ to 1-1/2″ (DN 6 to DN 40)
Pressure:  Up to 60 bar (870 PSI)
Temperature: Up to +150 °C (+302 °F)
RPM: Up to 3000


Rotary & Seat Faces: Carbon, Silicon carbide, Ceramic-(99.5%), Hardened tool steel
Secondary seals: FKM, Aflas, PTFE
Housing,  rotor and other parts: Aluminium, SS 304, SS 316


Air, vacuum and hydraulic oil service

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