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Different Types of Mechanical Seals

Different Types of Mechanical Seals

In any centrifugal pump, there are various components. But mechanical seals are one of the critical components. They preserve the integrity of the pump system because seals prevent fluid leakage. Thus, they keep contaminants out of the system. Mechanical seals are used on several seal designs to detect leakage and control the sealed environment. Three types of mechanical seals are used in process equipment: Cartridge. Component. Air.

Depending on the type of centrifugal pump and the process variable, various types of mechanical seals are used. Each seal variant has some unique design and characteristics. They make the seal suitable for a particular application.

Various Types of Mechanical Seals for Centrifugal Pumps

  • Balanced seals
  • Unbalanced seals
  • Pusher seals
  • Non-pusher seals
  • Conventional seals
  • Cartridge seals

Let’s know the highlights of various types of seals and their benefits and limitations.

Balanced and Unbalanced Seals

In a Balanced Mechanical Seal, the forces acting on the faces of the seal are balanced. When the lower face gets loaded, there is more even lubrication of the seal faces. These seals last longer. Balanced seals are more suitable for applications where the operating pressure is high. They are ideal for handling liquids with high volatility and low lubricity.

Pusher and Non-Pusher Seals

In Pusher seals there is one spring or multiple springs to maintain the seal closing force. The springs can be in the rotating part or the stationary part of the seal. Pusher seals offer high-pressure sealing but there is a probability of wear of the spring. The wear is high because the seal face moves along with the shaft or sleeve.

In a Non-Pusher seal, there is an elastomeric or metal elbow to maintain the seal closing force. For applications where the temperature is high, these seals are suitable. They can be used in dirty applications also. The only thing is they can be used in applications where pressure is low or medium.

Conventional Mechanical Seals

Conventional seals are low-cost. They are installed in general service equipment. The skill required is higher to use the skills because they are installed as an individual component.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals

These are composite seals where all of the seal elements are incorporated in one single unit. They reduce the chances of errors in assembly. Also, the time for seal replacement is lesser than for other types of seals.

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Each seal is suitable for a particular type of application. Which type of seal is used in the application depends on the usage, application type and pressure. The choice of mechanical seal is decided by product designers and engineers after understanding the need of the use.

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