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PTFE Bellow Mechanical Seal Manufacturer in India

At Beston Seals, We are a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of PTFE Bellow Mechanical Seals for pumps, agitators and rotating equipment. Our mechanical seals are equivalent and replaceable with John Crane, Burgmann, Flowserve, AES, Chesterton, Flex-a-Seal, Vulcan, Roplan, Roten, Uniten and other reputed brands.

Top Quality PTFE Bellow Mechanical Seal

We manufacture and supply top quality PTFE bellow mechanical seals by well-equipped machinery and experienced staff. We have tested -45°C to 120°C to withstand extreme temperatures and durability.

These seals are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of highly corrosive media, normal and extreme chemicals and various acid-producing industries.

One of the Top Mechanical Seal Suppliers in Mumbai, India

We are one of the manufacturers and exporters of PTFE bellow mechanical seals in Mumbai, India and world market, please take your precious time and send your requirement details to Baston Seals, so that we can provide you best seals with good price.

We have a diversified range of Mechanical Seals Products like Conical Spring Seals, Single Spring Seals, Multi Spring Seals, Wave Spring Seals, Rubber Bellow Seals, PTFE Bellow Seals, Cartridge Seals, Metal Bellow Seals, Agitator Seals, Reactor Seals, Dry Running Seals, Split Seals and Special Tailor Maid Seals. We also supply Seal Support Systems like Thermosyphon Systems, Heat Exchangers, Cyclon Separators & Bearing Isolators.

TB20 / TB20R / TB30S

PTFE bellow outside mounted non-pusher mechanical seals for pumps


For plain shafts
Maximum corrosion resistance
Outside mounted
Fixed rotary face (TB20)
Replicable rotary face (TB20R)
Single helical coil coated spring  design (TB30S)
Independent of direction of rotation

Operating Range

Shaft diameter: 19mm to 101.6mm (0.75″ to 4″)
Pressure: 10 bar (145 PSI)
Temperature: –45 °C to +120 °C (–49 °F  to +248 °F)
Sliding velocity: 12 m/s (49 ft/s)


Rotary & Seat Faces: Carbon resin imp., Carbon-antimony imp., Silicon carbide, Ceramic (99.5%), GFT, CFT
Bellow & Packing: PTFE, GFT, CFT
Hardware & Spring: SS 304, SS 316, Hast-C, Alloy-20 and other grades


Extremely corrosive service
Acidic manufacturing  industry
General & light chemical manufacturing  industry

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