How to Install a Mechanical Seal on a Water Pump?

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How to Install a Mechanical Seal on a Water Pump?

What is the primary purpose of a seal in the water pump? It is to prevent fluid from leaking into the atmosphere along the rotating shaft. Hence, the selection of the right mechanical seal is critical when you consider the reliability and safety of the operation.

Steps to Replace Mechanical Seals in Centrifugal Pumps

If you check the most prominent causes of pump failure, then mechanical seal failure is typically one of them. Therefore, the right installation of the seal is very much important. A mechanical seal on a water pump is a shaft spins at incredible speed and rotates an impeller. Know the processes for how to replace a mechanical seal on a water pump.

Here is a step-by-step process to achieve the task:

1. Cut off the power

You need to power off the pump before installing seals. Thus, it is not in motion. Always ensure that it is plugged out.

2. Isolate the fluid

You should shut the inlet and outlet isolation valves and drain the pump casing by removing the drain plug.

3. Disconnect the centrifugal pump

You should remove the space element in the coupling. Remove the casing bolts and slide the remainder. Thus, you can access the mechanical seal without the need for disconnecting the inlet and outlet piping. In pumps that do not have ‘back pull-out’ design, you will have to disconnect the pump completely. In pumps with close coupled design, the entire pump or motor has to be removed.

4. Remove the impeller

The mechanical seal is located behind the impeller on the pump shaft. If it is screwed, then you need a wrench to hold the shaft in place. If it is bolted, then you need to hold the shaft and remove the bolt.

5. Detach the Seal

You can access the stationary and rotary seal parts. The rotary parts are typically held in place along the shaft with the help of set screws. You should remove the set screw and slide off the rotary seal part. Now remove the stationary part of the seal from the seal chamber bore or casing.

6. Replace the Seal

Now place the new mechanical seal onto the shaft. Slide the replacement seal parts carefully along the shaft. Press the stationary part into the casing or seal chamber bore using a new O-ring. You need to follow the instructions for setting the rotary portion back onto the shaft correctly.

This step is very crucial. You should install a mechanical seal in a clean working space. Avoid touching the front of the seal face. Keep the seal in the packing till you actually install it.

7. Install the pump

Put the impeller in place. Reconnect the casing. Now, reconnect the pump.

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