All You Need To Know About Ptfe Bellow Mechanical Seal

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All You Need To Know About Ptfe Bellow Mechanical Seal

The use and application of Ptfe Bellow Mechanical Seal are many. If you see operational usage in various industries, such as aerospace, defense, electrical and electronics industries, mechanical and instrumentation, building and construction, pharma, medical industries, smelting and metallurgy, food and beverage industries, textile, and many others.

PTFE bellow seal adopts the multi-spring structure. It is the most widely used mechanical seal in the corrosion-resistant pump. The operating parameters of these seals differ, based on their use and application. Its operating temperature range is between -10 to 100 degrees Celsius. Their specification ranges between 35 to 65 mm and operating pressure is less than 0.5MPa, their Axial channeling is 0.5mm and their line speed is 15m/s.

Suitable mediums for Ptfe Bellow Mechanical Seal is strong acid, strong oxidizing agent, and other strong corrosive media in the application.

What are the benefits of PTFE Mechanical Seal

  • PTFE bellow seal can be applied to several fields.
  • PTFE bellow seals for pumps function in physiological inertia, sterilization, and disinfection.
  • PTFE bellow seal design has less friction resistance, high pressure, no adhesion, and creeping effect;
  • PTFE bellow seal is easy to install and complete in size. It has good resistance to deformation and resistance to extrusion.
  • PTFE bellow seal has an elastic inner core because it has good elasticity, which greatly improves the sealing effect of PTFE mechanical seal.

Performance of the Welded PTFE Bellow Seals

  • PTFE bellows for pumps are very less affected by the temperature, its temperature range is wide, and the operating temperature is between -190 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius.
  • PTFE bellows for pumps are very less affected by low temperature. Due to its mechanical toughness, even at a temperature below -196 C, a PTFE seal can maintain 5% elongation.
  • Ptfe Bellow Mechanical Seal remains unaffected by the environment and frequency. Their volume resistance can reach 1018 ohms/cm. The dielectric loss of these seals is small, and the breakdown voltage of these seals is high.
  • The friction coefficient of the solid material is 0.04. It is because the friction coefficient of plastic is the smallest. PTFE bellows seal offers the best design, and it is the ideal oil-free lubricating seal.
  • Since the blank value of metal elements is very low, the content of lead is less than 10-11 g/ml.
  • The surface and performance of the PTFE seal remain unchanged even after a long exposure.
  • PTFE bellow seal is not easily get corroded by any chemical reagent except for molten alkali metals.

Their performance and weight are not affected by concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid, or hydrochloric acid, even in the aqua boil. PTFE material has a very low coefficient of friction with regard to most of the counter-facing materials. It means the transition from standstill to motion will happen in a smooth manner. It will be without a lurch and there is hardly ever a stick-slip effect. The qualities of PTFE seals are many. Therefore, these seals are very widely used in a variety of applications.

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