What is the Difference Between Cartridge and Non-Cartridge Mechanical Seals?

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Difference Between Cartridge and Non-Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are an essential component in the functioning of various types of machinery, including pumps, mixers, and compressors.

They play a critical role in preventing the leakage of fluids and gases from the machine’s internal components. When it comes to mechanical seals, there are two types – cartridge and non-cartridge mechanical seals.

In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between these two types of mechanical seals.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Cartridge mechanical seals are a modern and user-friendly type of mechanical seal. These seals come pre-assembled, making installation and maintenance a much simpler process. They comprise all the necessary components, including seal faces, glands, and springs, all pre-assembled as a single unit.

The cartridge seal can be removed from the pump without the need for disassembling other pump components. These seals are ideal for large pumps or machinery requiring high flow rates. They are also the preferred choice for machinery that requires frequent maintenance or where downtime must be kept to a minimum.

Non-Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Non-cartridge mechanical seals are the traditional type of mechanical seals that have been in use for many years. These seals have multiple components, including a rotating seal face, a stationary seal face, and springs. They need a high level of proficiency to install, maintain and sustain.

These seals are usually installed as individual components, and each component must be accurately aligned to function correctly. Non-cartridge seals are typically used in small pumps and other machinery with low flow rates.

Differences between Cartridge and Non-Cartridge Mechanical Seals:

1. Installation and Maintenance

One of the significant differences between cartridge and non-cartridge mechanical seals is the installation and maintenance process. Cartridge mechanical seals are easy to install, and maintenance is a simple process due to their pre-assembled design.

On the other hand, non-cartridge mechanical seals require more expertise to install and maintain. The installation process involves individual fitting components requiring high accuracy and skill.

2. Ease of Replacement

Cartridge mechanical seals are designed to be easily replaced without needing any special tools or equipment. The pre-assembled design allows the cartridge to be removed and replaced quickly.

Non-cartridge mechanical seals, on the other hand, require more time and effort to replace. The process involves disassembling the pump or machinery to remove the seal components.

3. Costing

The cost of cartridge mechanical seals is generally higher than non-cartridge mechanical seals. However, the benefits of ease of installation, maintenance, and replacement can help to offset this cost in the long term.

Key Takeaways

Both cartridge and non-cartridge mechanical seals serve the same purpose, but their design and functionality differ significantly. Cartridge mechanical seals offer significant advantages in terms of ease of installation, maintenance, and replacement, making them the preferred choice for large pumps and machinery. Non-cartridge mechanical seals are still in use and are suitable for small pumps or machinery with low flow rates. At Beston Seals, we offer a range of mechanical seals to suit your specific needs, and our team of experts can help you pick the right mechanical seal for your application.

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