What are the Advantages of a Mechanical Seal?

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Advantages of a Mechanical Seal

The mechanical seal is a shaft seal device that is used for rotating fluid machinery. In equipment such as compressors, reactors, centrifuges, and centrifugal pumps, these seals are used. When there is a gap between the shaft and the equipment cavity, the equipment medium starts leaking. Therefore, you need a leakage-blocking device. A mechanical seal brings the advantage of longevity and less leakage, it is widely used as the main shaft sealing method.

If we go into the technical definition of it, then it is a device for preventing leakage of fluid. There is at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation.

The pair of end faces remain attached, and they relatively slide under the joint action of fluid pressure and elastic force or magnetic force.

There is another important function of mechanical seals. It closes the pole opening where enters the pump. The basic reason for the introduction of the mechanical seal was to overcome the negative aspects of pressed stuffing boxes, which was the old technology.  Mechanical seals can deal with quite high temperatures and weights as compared to other options. They can meet practically zero resilience wrongful discharge benchmarks.

Advantages of Mechanical Seals

  • It can handle a wide range of liquids including sales, acids, and other chemicals with rough particles.
  • These seals work for many years. Typically, it is up to one to two years or even more in water or oil media. In a chemical environment, life is around one and a half years.
  • These seals are non- and marginally misaligned.
  • The operation of mechanical seals doesn’t bring concentric shaft wear.
  • They can very well handle bi-directional revolutions of the shaft, higher weight, speed, and temperature trips.
  • They offer reliable sealing for long-term usage. Generally, the sealing state is very stable, with minimal leakage. As per statistics, the leakage is hardly one out of 100 soft gland packing seals.
  • The friction power consumption is low. In a mechanical seal, it is only up to 10 to 50 percent of the soft gland packing.
  • The shaft or bushing is free from friction.
  • It has a long-term maintenance cycle. No frequent maintenance is needed in normal situations. These seals are known for great vibration resistance. They are not sensitive to the vibration or deflection of the rotating shaft.

Due to these positive aspects, mechanical seals have a wide range of applications. They can work in low and high temperatures, different speeds, vacuum, and in various corrosive and non-corrosive mediums.

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